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Ігри Розваги Рольові ігри Стратегія
Розробник: Kory Heath Designs

Werewolf is a party game thats best with at least 7 players. You must supply your own friends—THIS GAME CANNOT BE PLAYED SOLITAIRE. However, you only need one copy of the program and a single iPhone or iPod touch for the entire party!

Its a Full Moon

Gather your friends—but not too closely—because Werewolves can look friendly in the light of day. If youve played the bluffing/party game Werewolf (or the similar game Mafia), then you should check out the extra fun you and your friends can have with this iPhone / iPod touch version. If youve never played the party game, prepare for a roller coaster ride of excitement, suspense, and intrigue.

Yours was a peaceful village until you discovered evidence of Werewolves. Now paranoia runs rampant and everyone wants to find someone to blame. During each "nighttime" phase of the game, players will perform secret actions. Then, during each "daytime" phase, theyll try to figure out who the Werewolves are. Will they mistakenly lynch an innocent villager while the Werewolves smile to themselves? Its mob rule at its finest. And each time the sun goes down, the Werewolves will claim another victim. Your goal? Stay alive!


• Player names and photos pulled directly from your contact list.

• Optional special characters like the Seer, the Vigilante, the Protector, and the Innocent Lovers.

• Supports setups in which the number of Werewolves and the included special characters are uncertain at the outset.

• Villager passwords to prevent anyone from seeing your secret role.

• Timed rounds with warning bells as the round-end approaches.

• An emailable post-game report that describes what everyone did on each turn.

For more info and detailed instructions, visit http://www.koryheath.com/werewolf